Nazanin Moghaddam Tabrizi

Research Intern

Bachelor of Environments Majoring in Architecture / Urban Planning and Design

After a public space has been delivered, it is up to the community to transform it into an active, lively space, however, communities who didn’t feel part of the design and/or decision making process don’t always feel desire to ‘keep’ the place. Through my various studies, I am passionate about the key role that communities can have in the creation of good public spaces that reflect their personality and local needs. As such, I am constantly exploring strategies for us, design professionals, as facilitators and educators of ‘place’ to the non-professional communities with whom we interact.


Place translation strategies: From complex terms to community placemaking.

Placemaking is a process through which the communities have an opportunity to transform a 'space' to a 'place' in which they have invested personal and shared meanings.