Cheng Han Kenneth


capacity building for colocal

My passion for Architecture lies in Biophilic Design, Sustainability and Resilience. I believe Biophilic Design is a key process and component to creating quality spaces that is revitalizing and inspiring to users. The Biophilic principles (according to Terrapin Bright Green’s 14 patterns of Biophilia) serves as a bridge between liveability and sustainability. My aim is to explore and develop Biophilic Design intuitively and integrate with Sustainable products and services. Every project becomes an opportunity to give back to the environment such as tree planting and application of sustainable systems. My 5 Design Principles: (1) Nature Oriented + Inspired (2) Architecture for Health & Well being (3) Natural Materials (Timber Fanatic) (4) Integrative Sustainability (5) Teach & Learn, Learn & teach (Cyclic relationship of Education and Practice)