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The PlaceAgency is a collaborative project focused on the theory and practice of placemaking and its capacity to support vibrant, a citizen engaged, public spaces and cities. From Sep 2017 until Dec 2019 this project will develop and test studio curriculum aimed at training passionate and effective future placemakers.

You will now complete a series of activities to assess your learnings on the theory and practice of placemaking. While this online survey does not constitue a hurdle task of your studio, it will aid you in reflecting on your individual learnings. Furthermore, the survey will be completed during allocated class time.With your consent to share your responses, the answers you provide will be de-identified, aggregated and shared with the Place Agency Consortium for future research including reflections of each individual studio as a case study or comparisons between different teaching approaches and placemaking learnings.

Upon finalisation, you will be able to print a PDF report with your answers for your own records as well as for in-class discussions.

By consenting on sharing your responses for research purposes you:

  • Understand that the data from this research will be stored at the University of Melbourne and destroyed after 5 years from the collection date.
  • Consent to participate and understand that your responses will be used to inform the PlaceAgency project.
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