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The University Of Melbourne - Semester 1 2021.
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Project Description

The Gleadell Street Studio will challenge students to design a temporary placemaking intervention (for summer 2022) to enhance Gleadell Street to have a 'community hub' vibe.

The Gleadell Street area reflects Richmond’s diverse origins and histories, from pre-colonial Wurundjeri histories to the working class and industrial ‘Struggletown’ period and, now, to its identity as a multicultural, thriving inner-city neighbourhood. Many know this street for its weekly street market, which dates back to 1873. Residents of Richmond – old-time shoppers and the newcomers alike – continue to “meet at the market”.

The immediate area has various other important amenities: two schools (the new Richmond High School, which opened in 2017, and the Lynall Hall Community School), a multicultural daycare centre, a recreation centre, a church and Citizen’s Park.

This Studio will work with the Let’s Enhance Gleadell Street (LEGS) Association and other community stakeholders to comprehensively understand the users' aspirations for the long-term vision for the precinct.

Learning Methodology

Students will be challenged to work on their co-design capacities and spatial design skills through working with local stakeholders in constructing a robust vision for the Gleadell Street site in Richmond (inner-city Melbourne). This work will include engagement with agencies and institutions as well as diverse community members and take a place-based and applied approach to urban planning and co-design processes.

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Students will be asked to choose a 'protagonist' to guide their design: the landscape, cultural representation or child-friendly open cities.

With one protagonist chosen, students will bring together key principles of their chosen protagonist with the local community's values delivering a series of potential temporary intervention ideas that LEGS will be able to test on the ground.

Activities – Studio Outline

ActivityDescriptionKey dates for activitiesKey learning objectives
Site storytellingMeeting project champions and tour of site, behaviour mapping29th June 2021listening, site experience
Co-designA co-design session with members of the community6th July 2021developing a vision for a potential placemaking intervetion
Final Presentation to communityPresenting during Saturday pop-up market17th July 2021story of place
Placemaking activationPop-up activationTBD - Summer 2022celebrating and finding opportunities through temporary placemaking interventions

Location Description

Gleadell Street, Richmond



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Studio Leaders
Derlie Mateo-BabianoDerlie Mateo-Babiano
Dominique HesDominique Hes
Joanne TaylorJoanne Taylor
Project champion

Steven Vaughan

Elizabeth Honey

Elizabeth Honey

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LEGS Association Inc.

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