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Project Description

The Newport Traders Association approached The PlaceAgency sandbox project to work with the community and local government to think about the strategic use of land in and around Newport’s commercial and community precinct. The aim was to look at how it can become a more vital and viable part of the area.
As part of the Traders Association’s work, a community consultation process has been proposed by Donna Jackson (Hubcap Productions) that would link to the Art and Industry Festival to be held in the area in November 2018. This studio will build towards Donna Jackson's consultation project; the outcomes of the summer studio will be integrated into the proposals she presents to the Hobsons Bay City Council.
Members of the Traders Association and Donna will be closely involved in the briefing and support of the studio students. Students from different disciplines (Architecture, Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture) can come together at Newport community hub space, which overlooks the site. Outputs from the studio will support and inform research for the PlaceAgency project. The student projects will be informed by an initial consultation session with the community on the site, followed by the presentation of initial concepts to the community and council and finally the presentation of the concepts to the community in a public exhibition.

Learning Methodology

This studio is run as an intensive studio with 2 full days of contact hours through 7 weeks. The students will be immersed in the community, having an opportunity to take all lessons at the Community Hub allowing the students to experience the area in depth. The studio is open to all built environment disciplines with assessment strategies adapted to allow skill development and evaluation based on their future role as peacemakers.

Students will work collaboratively in small groups to plan, design and implement strategies for community engagement. Then, their designs will reflect and respond to the community perceptions gathered during this engagement. Each group will be expected to manage their budget, safety and policies of the Newport area.

It is expected that students enrolling in this studio will be able to develop the following placemaking skills:
identify placemaking opportunities for the Paine reserve site,
- propose creative solutions that respond to site analysis, community consultation, planning
and local structure frameworks,
- design an intervention that allows the community to have a voice in the placemaking
opportunity you have identified,
- collect data and analyse the community voice to inform your final design for the site,
- understand the relationships between planning and design, and society, environment,
space and politics,
- develop professional communication and presentation skills with community, business and
government stakeholders.

How does this studio match PlaceAgency Objectives?

This studio will create an opportunity for students to work closely with the local community. They will learn how to make a connection with the stakeholders, how to collect data from them, and how to engage the community in their design process. They will also explore how to design a space that includes the needs of all community members. They will be trained on moving away from the role of designer, and become facilitators.

Activities – Studio Outline

ActivityDescriptionKey dates for activitiesKey learning objectives
IntroductionUnderstanding the site and understanding placemaking, history of here & power of potentialFri 5-JanUnderstanding principals of placemaking
Tools for placemkaingPlacemaking the power of landscape, placemaking and policy, tactical urbanism and other tools for plMon 8- JanFamiliarity with tools of placemaking
Self-directed groupworkStudent groups will work on details of community engagement sessionFri 12- JanTeam work
Development and researchDesign and placemaking inspirations, visit to railway yards, visit to power stationMon 15- JanMaking connection with the local community
Community engagemantBuild and test intervention, creet connection with the community, collect dataFri 19- JanEngaging the community in the design process
Community feedbackUnderstand the communities feedback, evaluate and write reportMon 22- JanResponding to feedback
Assessment 1Take community feedback and make conclusionsThurs 25-JanDesign development
Design processDevelop approach for design (3 groups) planning and landscape developmentMon 29- JanDesign development
Design interim presentationPresent first design ideas to community and tradersFri 2 FebResponding to feedback
Design developmentContinue to develop scheme and draft implementation plan developmentMon 5- FebDesign development
Finalize designsDocument findings and design for submissionMon 12- FebTeam work
Studio reviewsPresentation at the University of Melbourne student assessmentWed 14- FebPresentation of design
ExhibitionPresent to communityWed 21- FebEngage community about the design and collect feedback


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