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The University Of Melbourne - Semester 2 2018.

Project Description

The Placemaking project will engage students in reimagining the public realm in the most culturally diverse city in Australia, the City of Greater Dandenong. It will engage students in reimagining six laneways in Springvale Activity Centre. The suburb of Springvale in the City of Greater Dandenong will be its case study context. Springvale is approximately 25 kms south-east of Melbourne's CBD. It presents a complex interaction of diverse land uses as well as home to a multicultural populace, with residents who have emigrated from all over the world including Asia, the Americas, Europe and Africa. Springvale, therefore, presents a highly suitable transformative case study area.

Learning Methodology

The MUP Studio P is run as a weekly intensive studio which allows 2 days of 3 hourly face-to-face contact. This studio is a capstone option for the completion of the Master of Urban Planning (MUP). In this instance, students engage with the actual complexity of the city, to understand socio-spatial relations at street and neighbourhood scale, and explore the dialectics between the perceived, lived and conceived urban realm in the City of Greater Dandenong.

Initially, teams of 4 will work collaboratively to undertake fieldwork in the Springvale Activity Centre through a series of creative place‐based methods to uncover and document existing place‐making practices of communities. The Studio will be realised through four key themes of movement/access; temporal placemaking; diversity/multicultural use of space and multimodal mapping. Subsequently, students will work collaboratively in pairs to plan, design and implement placemaking interventions as strategies for community engagement. Then, their designs will reflect and respond to the community perceptions gathered during this engagement. Each group will be expected to manage their budget, safety and policies.

It is expected that students enrolling in this studio will be able to develop the following placemaking skills:
• site analysis through multi-modal mapping;
• identify and respond to ethical challenges;
• place and placemaking understanding;
• design inclusive & creative placemaking solutions to urban issues;
• communicate design work through visual and media representation;

How does this studio match PlaceAgency Objectives?

The MUP studio P would offer an opportunity for future-focused research, involving critique and evaluation of multiple scenarios for the site. It will also typically engage with questions of power, and how planning instruments mediate conflicting interests, in the pursuit of the public interest (such as social justice, environmental sustainability, public health and safety). The focus on an urban site will not distract from an understanding of the site as part of a larger assemblage, nor from the - life does not stop at the edge of a conceived site.

Activities – Studio Outline

ActivityDescriptionKey dates for activitiesKey learning objectives
What is inclusive placemaking?Setting the scene of the studio and introducing the project area.Mon 23 Jul 2018Understanding of theory
Understanding the site 1We introduce the City of Greater Dandenong, its demographic profile and the suburb of Springvale.Mon 30 Jul 2018Site analysis through multi-modal mapping
Placemaking tools + processesWe explore the regulatory frameworks and planning schemes. Dr Elek Pafka introduces multi-scale mapsMon 06 Aug 2018Place stakeholders
Urban design vision, principles & understanding the site 2CRIT presentation - project partners to critique students' Laneway Network concept plan.Mon 13 Aug 2018Verbal communication
Laneway network concept planStudents to review, improve and finalise their laneway network plan.Mon 20 Aug 2018Responding to feedback
Placemaking intervention planning/designPlacemaking intervention planning and design (in pairs)27 Aug - 10 SepDesign response through critical thinkin
Placemaking intervention deliveryProject implementationMon 17 Sep 2018Project management and implementation
Place evaluationProject evaluation - how are the spaces being usedMon 01 Oct 2018Evaluating place
Refinement and place reflectionncorporating feedback, development of final folio and reflectionMon 08 Oct 2018Responding to feedback
Presentation to councilProduct: Celebration of PlaceMon 15 Oct 2018Verbal communication



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Jiawei Chen
Yan Lin
Yinxue Weng
Yinxue Weng

This subject is available to students enrolled in The University Of Melbourne throughout Semester 2 2018.

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Studio Leaders
Derlie Mateo-BabianoDerlie Mateo-Babiano
Kelum PalipaneKelum Palipane
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Grissel Walmaggia

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