Student final designs

As this was a multidisciplinary studio, involving architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, and planning, there were split requirements for students based on their disciplinary backgrounds. The studio produced 7 final projects; 4 design team projects and 3 individual urban planning projects.

Below you will find a short snapshot of each design and be able to view the complete designs for each team or individual through the links provided.

Revitalising Paine Reserve

By Andrew Curnow, Joshua Mannerheim, Nicole Yang & Eloise Mitchell

This student group proposed a set of activation ideas to bring greater utilisation of Paine Reserve and revitalise the park as a community place. Key activation ideas following their community engagement activity – home away from home – included an outdoor theatre, play spaces, a weekend market and community garden.

You can find the full design poster here – Revitalising Paine Reserve.


By Nicole Inskip, Yueting Guo & Jiawei Yin

Here students focused on ‘comfort’ and ‘activity’ as opportunities for greatest improvement following their community engagement activity – The Newport Masterpiece. Key design ideas reflecting this opportunity included an enlivened children playground and outdoor theatre.

You can find the full design poster here – Journey.

Newport’s Place

By Kendal Mcquire, Polyvios Nicolaou & Robert Snelling

“Newport’s Place endeavours to appropriately reflect on the layers of Newport’s history, its varied users and its unique identity.”

Through identifying the uniqueness of Paine Reserve following their community engagement activity – Play –, students sought to activate the site’s existing potential by responding to the existing social capital, playful identity and creative spirit.


You can find the full design poster here – Newport’s place.


By Megan Varley, Aleksandra Nikitina, Kevin Sutanto & Bonnie Jane Gordon

Through the community engagement activity – Imaginariumthe students learned that the community was seeking greater natural elements, comfort, play and amenities for activity. Students responded through 4 key design concepts including an outdoor concert space and activated laneway for market stalls.

You can find the full design poster here – Imaginarium.

Newport Precinct

By Rick Clarke

Responding to the research question – How can spaces around Paine Reserve be reconfigured to Reconnect Newport and meet the future needs of the community? – Rick focused on identifying public transport opportunities to increase public connectivity to the park. Rick made several recommendations based on identified opportunities such as re-routing two buses.

You can view the full research here – Newport Precinct.

Constrained open space in densifying cities – case study of the laneway in Paine Reserve, Newport

By Noel Shi

Noel was interested in activating densified areas for grater utilisation by communities, looking at ‘how to turn the “Space” into a “Place” where the community members and visitors enjoy spending time and appreciating the views of it”. Noel presented several findings and recommendations including community activation through festivals or pop up facilities, establishing volunteer groups and multifunctional spaces.

You can view the full research here – constrained open space in densifying cities.

Elements of great public spaces that benefit health

By Andy Choi

Exploring the research question, “What are the desired elements of high-quality public spaces that benefit health and well-being?”, Andy presented a set of recommendations for ways to improve Paine Reserve based on opportunities from the community engagement event around accessibility, social values and recreational activities.

You can view the full research here – Elements of great public spaces that benefit health.

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