Place Week Victoria – a week long series of transformative activities

Place Week Victoria was a transformative week‐long series of activities hosted by The University of Melbourne, between the 20th to the 26th of May 2018, that gave recognition and celebrated the work of those seeking to transform our public spaces into places where communities can come together.

To kickstart the week, Bill Reed from Regeneris and Gilbert Rochecouste of Village Well inspired everyone to explore placemaking tools, skills and processes to heal a broken world. Other highlights included a dynamic Melbourne Forum where our guest speakers presented their ideas on how to address the interrelated social and ecological problems in order to create a more thriving future for all. Last but not least, to end the week long celebration, Place Agency shock things up a bit and took participants to physical explore sections of the suburb, Cremorne, as a way to demonstrate the idea of communicating place through inclusive exploratory approaches.  The event stopped by an eclectic bar that was placed in the area just for us, and ended at the UnderPark pop up site.

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